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Healing Process: Is Mother Doing It?

We have been awestruck, dumbfounded, and scared by the way a “simple” virus was assaulting the human race, which first broke out in Wuhan, a city in Hubei province of China, in December 2019.

It’s been reported that the majority of the cities which were attacked first by a coronavirus, were situated close to the equatorial line. It has spread everywhere in the globe.

Iran reported its first case of novel coronavirus on February 19. Three days afterward, Italy reported its first case on February 22. Then, South Korea was having its biggest spike.

In the previous four weeks, the virus has spread to more than 180 countries and territories and has claimed over 70,000 lives.

Spain reported over 13,000 deaths, while New York has been announced as having the greatest amount of coronavirus infection in the United States. As of April 7, the USA listed 10, 943 deaths from coronavirus, of which 4,758 occurred in New York.

Many theories, remedies, and cures have circulated on social networking platforms because of the coronavirus outbreak. Some even went as far as inventing alternate therapy for the pandemic.

People around the world created platforms for many spiritual ‘duas’ in different parts of the world. I’m all for it and have participated in some of these prayer ceremonies.

What baffles me, is that for several years environmentalists have been warning the people that they (humans) are overdoing everything: abuse of the natural trees, water, air pollution, all have influenced our mother earth, which is being ruined more and more every year.

I could give different information, but I think everybody knows of all those. When Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg gave her first speech about saving the environment, distinct quarters came up with conspiracy theories to prove that she was set up by some corporations.

Nobody took notice the mother nature was screaming along with her lungs telling us that she was suffocating, and needed to heal. Humans like Greta were granted voices on behalf of her.

It is not only Greta, many more like her in various parts of the planet have been attempting to point at things we had been doing were not correct, and when we wanted to survive, our ways must be shifted.

A few weeks ago, Greta cautioned the need for saving the Earth. She said that she might have been affected by coronavirus somewhat, but because Sweden only examines the severe cases, she has not yet been examined.

She called upon all to save Earth and stated”We have to fight the climate crisis and the pandemic simultaneously.”

We failed to slow down the carbon emission after the iceberg of Antarctica pumped at an alarming speedy pace, resulting in the sea levels rising. Additionally, the ice in the Arctic region has also been melting at a very alarming rate since 2016.

But the world leaders didn’t do much.

In 2019, Australia saw the worst bushfire listed in years, which ruined over 12 million hectares of land. Canada and the USA have experienced bushfires often too.

The picture from our neck of the woods is somewhat grimmer. In Bangladesh, we neglected to rescue our rivers and canals, anybody who has tried to go on a river cruise around Buriganga understands it.

The pitch-dark water provides out a stench, which is sufficient to suffocate anyone nearby. However, we endure the odor and hold our breaths till we go to some part where the water gets clearer.

The majority of us forget about the pitch-black water after we’ve returned from a joyous excursion and of course posted some nice photos on the societal media.

However, there are nonetheless some rivers such as Surma in Sunamganj, along with also the haors, who are fresh and clean, but with the growing number of traffic in those places along with the surge of garbage dumping, it will become polluted.

Additionally, our sandy seashores are now filled with plastic bags and other waste materials.

Pieces of plastic bottles clean off to the coast come floating together with the waves. Volunteers and cleaners are picking bags, trash cans and other waste dumped on the shores.

What I am saying is that it isn’t sufficient unless every one of us makes a conscious selection of not throwing trash on the beach and the water.

News of animals leaving their refuge and walking around the localities have been broadcasted by some television channels. According to one news report, there’s been a fall in seismic sound, the hum of vibrations on the planet’s crust, due to less motion of vehicles and shutting down of factories.

While this is harmful to the world market, one must realize that mother nature had been providing signs of not being able to take all of the frenzied movement by its inhabitants, destroying its natural resources, for quite a while.

Thus, who understands the virus that is obstructing our tracheal system, would be just to demonstrate what the mom character feels when we were trying to suffocate her.

Some environmentalists said when the epidemic subsides, we may observe multinationals and international economies pacing to get a quicker recovery, hence it might produce more greenhouse gases than before in a short time.

Many countries will not be able to keep up with the Paris agreement pledges to reduce carbon emissions. Even after that, for now, the mother earth is healing its wounds, decreasing its scars, it is breathing.

Let it heal and let us understand the lesson of never damaging it since we did previously. Surely we can. We have to.

COVID-19: How Pandemic Impacts Animals

For communities across the world, 2020 has been a tumultuous season. The SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes COVID-19) distribute from a few people at a Chinese wildlife market to over 72 million people by the end of the year. Yet we were not the pandemic’s only sufferers.

Animals suffered both by getting sick with the virus and from the socioeconomic impacts of the outbreak. The pandemic also emphasized the deadly expenses of animal manipulation. Experts warn that we will need to fundamentally change our relationship with animals, particularly wildlife and farm animals, to prevent future pandemics.

The pandemic and wildlife
The present pandemic is far from the sole public health crisis traced back to wild animals. Back in 2003, SARS passed from civets to people in a Chinese wildlife marketplace.

An October report by United Nations experts cautions that wildlife consumption and trade represent one of the main dangers for future pandemics.

Wild creatures for sale at markets are usually kept in crowded conditions and slaughtered on websites, which may result in the spread of bodily fluids like feces and blood. Animal advocates have called for bans on the sale of live wild animals in markets to safeguard human health, animal welfare, and wildlife conservation. The newspaper was sent to authorities around the world, requesting them to take action. In the United States, the HSUS is advocating for the passage of this Preventing Future Pandemics Act of 2020, which would ban the import, sale, and export of certain live wildlife for human consumption.

The pandemic and animals raised for fur
Mink fur farms in the Netherlands, U.S., Denmark, France, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Greece, Poland, and Italy have experienced outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2. Countless mink died from the virus from the U.S. alone after infected mink were found on fur farms in Wisconsin, Utah, Michigan, and Oregon.

Veterinary professionals together with the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association notice that it is not surprising that fur farms have experienced outbreaks of the virus. Similar to forest markets, animals in fur farms tend to be housed in crowded conditions where they are exposed to bodily fluids. A Humane Society International/U. K. investigation of a Finnish fur farm in 2019 found foxes and mink experiencing gaping wounds and eye ailments and dead creatures lying in cages, occasionally being eaten by other animals. Inhumane living conditions might increase anxiety levels, consequently weakening the animals’ immune systems and making them more susceptible to this virus.

The pandemic and animals used in research
Scientists working to understand the virus and examine vaccines use animals such as mice, mice, ferrets, and primates as research subjects. Specifically, primates are used to test the efficacy of vaccines because of their genetic similarity to humans. Scientists have used numerous primates for COVID-19 study that laboratories claim they’re experiencing monkey shortages. But Lindsay Marshall, biomedical science advisor at the HSUS and Humane Society International, states that animal study has its limitations.

“These are creatures, they have the illness differently than us, they recover otherwise than us and they are simply different,” Marshall says. Most monkey species get only mildly ill from COVID-19 and do not suffer certain severe symptoms that lots of people do, which hampers researchers’ capacity to understand how the disease impacts human bodies.

The pandemic and companion animals
In April the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared the first instances of SARS-CoV-2 from U.S. pets: 2 cats living in separate houses in New York, one of whom had an owner that had tested positive for the virus. In June, a dog tested positive after a few of his owners were ill with COVID-19.

Although other cats and dogs have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the number of verified cases is extremely low compared to the number of pets in the U.S. There are an estimated 89 million pet dogs and 94 million pet cats in the U.S., but just 49 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 in cats and 35 confirmed cases in dogs. Veterinarians believe companion creatures aren’t that prone to SARS-CoV-2, although cats are thought to be at a greater risk than dogs. While there’s a very small risk of transmission from humans to companion animals, there’s no proof that companion animals can transmit the virus to humans. The CDC recommends COVID-19 patients avoid contact with their pets also have others care for the animals, if possible.

The pandemic and animals raised for food
As crazy animal meat gained enhanced scrutiny throughout the pandemic, people also began to rethink their consumption of animals such as chickens, cows, pigs, and fish. A May poll indicates that 52 percent of respondents think the food sector should focus more on plant-based foods. Revenue of plant-based meats and kale have jumped because of the onset of the pandemic.

While SARS-CoV-2 was traced to wildlife, ago zoonotic disease outbreaks–such as avian flu and swine flu–originated from farm animal surgeries. As in other animal industries, nearly all farm animals are confined in crowded, stressful conditions conducive to the spread of disease. The United Nations report notes that the growth and intensification of agriculture is one of the chief drivers of potential pandemic threat and livestock are among the most probable reservoirs of pathogens that might result in a future pandemic.

The Value of Spending in Website Development for Your Establishment

According to the Digital 2019 report, a normal man spends hours and 42 minutes online every day. The development of the internet has revolutionized how we live and communicate and proceeded most of us to live a digitally-driven lifestyle. This is now exacerbated as we live in a’new standard’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic where we’re pushed more than ever to rely on the internet for entertainment, education, employment, and livelihood among others.

Website development is one of the methods to ensure the success of your business by notifying people of merchandise and services your business provides, getting to know your (potential) clients better, and knowing how to improve your product and support further.

Site or web development solutions include building, creating, and maintaining sites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, internet programming, web content generation, and database management. And you certainly want to decide on a top site development business and UI design consultant.

Having an online presence is no more an alternative for businesses; it is a requirement! Here are a lot of the reasons why companies Will Need to invest in web development services:

Growing Access
It provides space for everyone to access the information that they want when they need it. When you make your website available, you’re also providing equal opportunities for people with disabilities to use your website and participate with your business so that your website may be employed by everyone and anyone.

Whenever clients need to understand something about the business, having a contact type, a live conversation, an option to remark, or a phone number is a step towards them, which raises the possibility of sealing the deal.

Proving Credibility and Reliability
It allows effective communication with clients. Interacting and participating with clients demonstrates that the business is concerned about their pride and is responsive to their requirements. People prefer to innovate with a business with their very own websites since it gives them security and assurance.

Expanding Reach
Through site growth, testimonies about your product/service will probably be available. These details help earn the trust and confidence of potential clients in the long run.

A correctly designed website can help build an audience, target market client bases, and quickly return your investments. Your site conversion rate can multiply by 200-400 percent if your page is well-designed, with a firm like Blue Whale Media, and has a functional, responsive interface.

Ensuring Good Content
Internet development aids control the user experience and manage content relevancy.

People will decide how you’re going to manage them by taking a look at your website. Your platform supports them with comments on how you see your viewers. If you don’t put any effort into designing your own site, your audience understands you’re not going to make an effort to help them out.

Your site is similar to an employee of consumer care. If your site is bright, modern, and inviting, it is going to make your audience feel more welcome.

Maintaining Brand
Identity Ensuring effective internet development helps protect business’ brand identity. It averts surrendering control of your business’ brand to a third party site and their advertisements. This helps your business to be recognized anywhere in the entire world.

Growing Traffic
Proper internet development means a fully optimized site which plays a vital role in attracting valuable search engine visitors. Folks are necessarily still searching for information by using keyword searches in Google and other search engines. Implementing the right keywords and topics on your website will help people find your site.

Site traffic is a significant index and driver of business growth and really helps businesses to determine the return on investment, and collect insights about your customers and leads to make informed decisions.

Improving the Business Further
It analyzes website information and information right to assist the business make decisions.

In case your website seems unattractive or outdated, your audience will have an immediate negative impression. They won’t appeal to a site, which will discourage them from your page. You’re going to lose out on leads because they are going to leave your page to a rival’s page.

Web design is crucial as it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. You may either make an impression on them to stay on your webpage and find out about your business or leave your page and turn to a rival. Great web design can help you keep the leads on your page.

The very best method to ensure appropriate web design practices (and afterward, the search engine) would be to partner with a reliable web design agency.

It is important to note that the internet keeps on evolving, and creating innovative ways to advertise businesses on the internet is challenging. What is trending now might not be trending tomorrow. Purchasing successful web development solutions is imperative for businesses.

Mysterious Circular Rings in the Sky still don’t Know How to Explain

In the last few decades, astronomers have seen a handful of gigantic and almost perfectly circular radio objects out in the distant universe. Though no one has an explanation for all these mysterious entities yet, a team has recently added another one to their catalog, potentially moving them closer to solving this head-scratcher.

The enigma began shortly after the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP), a bank of 36 colossal dishes in Western Australia that scans the skies in the radio section of the electromagnetic spectrum, started producing maps of the entire night sky in 2019.

ASKAP scientists were mainly looking for smart resources that could indicate the presence of black holes or enormous galaxies shining in radio waves. But some in the team are constantly on the search” for whatever is weird, whatever is new, and whatever resembles nothing else,” Bärbel Koribalski, a galactic astronomer in Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Western Sydney University in Australia, advised Live Science.

From the statistics, team member Anna D. Kapińska of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro, New Mexico, seen four glowing radio circles, Koribalski recalled, though originally the rest of the researchers dismissed them as a more familiar occurrence.

Nevertheless, if telescopes tried to examine the items in other wavelengths, like the optical light our eyes use to see, they turned up empty, causing the team to dub them odd radio circles (ORCs).

Even stranger, every one of the ORCs needed a galaxy perched nearly exactly in its center, like a bullseye. The astronomers could determine that the entities were every several billion light-years off and potentially as large as a few million light-years in diameter.

Nobody had seen anything like those before, and in a paper published this past year, the group offered 11 potential explanations as to what they could be, such as imaging glitches, warps in space-time known as Einstein rings, or a new sort of remnant out of a supernova explosion.

The researchers have watched the skies again with ASKAP and discovered yet another ORC to add to their collection, a thing about 1 million light-years across located approximately 3 billion light-years away.

The group has now narrowed down their ideas to three potential explanations, Koribalski explained. The first is that maybe you will find additional galaxies forming a bunch close to the item and bending bright substance to a ring-like construction. These might simply be too feeble to be picked up by current telescopes.

Another possibility is that the central supermassive black hole of these galaxies is consuming dust and gas, producing humongous, cone-shaped jets of particles and energy. Astronomers have regularly spotted such phenomena in the world, though generally, the jets align in this way with Earth that observatories see them as moving out of the sides of the galaxy.

Maybe in the case of the ORCs, the jets are simply pointing directly towards our world, Koribalski suggested, so that we are in essence looking down the barrel of a long tube, creating around, the two-dimensional image around a central galaxy.

“The other explanation is more exciting,” she said. “This may be something completely new.”

It’s possible that some unknown but highly energetic event took place in the center of these galaxies, creating a burst wave that traveled out as a world and caused a ring structure. Kowalski isn’t yet certain what sort of event could leave such a signature, though perhaps it is a previously unknown product of crashing black holes such as the type seen in gravitational waves at the Big Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) in America.

But Harish Vedantham, an astronomer at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy who wasn’t linked to the work, favors the simpler idea — which the ORCs are a reflection of a phenomenon that is well-known, and so are bright jets shooting from a galaxy in a seldom seen angle.

Vedantham is advised in this by the principle of Occam’s razor, which favors ordinary explanations over strange, new ones. “You can construct an exotic situation,” he advised Live Science. “However, the simplest answer is nearly always correct.”

In a similar vein, the possibility that an ORC is an imperceptible galactic cluster is not appealing to him because”it’s kind of hard to conceal a cluster,” he explained. The objects are far off, but they are not that much, so at least a few additional galaxies should be evident, he added.

Two Vedantham and Koribalski concur that more telescope observations in different wavelengths should help scientists get a better idea of what is going on. New data will be forthcoming in the next six months or so, hopefully adding added ORCs for their catalog, Koribalski said.

Meanwhile, she’s somewhat enjoying the mystery. “You become a detective. You look at each of the clues and weigh them up against each other,” she said. “Sometimes the world just comes up with weird and wonderful shapes.”

SEO Marketing Processes That Can Help Your Business

What is SEO online marketing?
SEO is among the most popular marketing strategies on the market, and for good reason — it’s extremely effective. Although the results of SEO take a few months to kick in, it is worth the wait.

The more clicks you get, the more people look at your site, and the longer they study your website, the more opportunity they have to find a solution or service that interests them.

SEO online marketing unites on-page and off-page strategies that operate together to find the task done.

Reasons SEO online marketing can change your business for good

It permits you to attract leads right to your website, which means increased revenue for your organization — no matter your industry.

The importance of online SEO is evident, but let us get into the nitty-gritty of why it’s one of the greatest online marketing strategies on the market.

1. Thousands of individuals search in Google every second
If you implement online SEO into your marketing strategy, you are essentially marketing your business to tens of thousands of people — 67 million every second to be precise.

When you employ SEO to market your products and services, you make your company offerings available to an expansive consumer base, which provides you a higher chance of attracting interested customers and making more conversions.

Without SEO, it is unlikely your target audience will ever see your website, let alone buy your products.

2. A Good Deal of Individuals ignore paid advertisements
Though a few paid ads provide a wonderful method to publicize your business, almost 80 percent of consumers dismiss paid advertisements that appear in search results.

That means you’ve got a better prospect of someone clicking on your site if it shows up organically in the hunt. Ranking organically means that your website shows up as a result below the paid advertisements on a page. You do not have to pay just one penny to look in search results organically, however, you do need a solid SEO campaign.

3. Companies implement SEO more than ever
If you want to keep ahead of your competitors, SEO is essential. In reality, 61 percent of companies said that their main priority for 2018 would be to increase their search engine optimization campaigns.

That’s a high percentage, which means if you do not opt for an SEO effort, your business will probably fall behind in the hunt. Your business will get overshadowed by companies that don’t have SEO, so it’s extremely important to have a solid campaign in place.

4. SEO boosts conversions
Compared to conventional marketing, the conversion rate of SEO is extremely high.

Traditional marketing plans typically observe a conversion rate of 1.7 percent, while SEO provides a conversion rate of 14.6 percent. That’s a massive difference and perfectly illustrates why SEO is one of the greatest marketing strategies out there.

5. Local SEO is tremendously effective
If you’re a local business, SEO is something that you should add to your marketing strategy without a doubt.

After users create a local business search, 88 percent of them are going to call or visit the business they discovered and chose within 24 hours.

The catch is, you have to appear higher in search engines for local searchers to find one, and the only way to do this is to implement a solid local SEO strategy.

Can you really do SEO online marketing by yourself?
Like we mentioned before, there’s both search-engine and off-page SEO, and they both play substantial roles in the success of your campaign.

Many men and women wonder if SEO is an in-house strategy, and we’re here to supply you with the answer.

One individual could manage an SEO campaign, but you must be ready to devote a lot of work to observe the results you want.

SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy, instead, you’ve got to keep up with the numerous demands of the plan. Exactly what exactly do we mean? Keep reading to learn about keeping up with your SEO effort and planning a successful SEO strategy.

1. Continuous keyword study
Keywords are the basis of any search engine optimization campaign because they are the building blocks of articles. Finding the correct keywords is so significant because it determines the kind of content you’ll write, and finally, how you’ll rank in Google.

For instance, if you select keywords that have plenty of rivalry along with also a high search volume, it is not likely you’ll rank for that keyword. However, if you select keywords that have a high search volume and not a lot of rivalries, you will have a better chance at rank.

2. Consistent content creation
The more content you write, the more keywords you can target, and the more keywords you target, the more opportunities you’ll have to show up in search engine results to your intended audience.

Content creation is one of the most important, if not the most significant part of a search engine optimization strategy. In the end, content is exactly what ranks, so it only makes sense that you need to have a solid content plan set up.

3. Continuing monitoring
If you implement a strategy on your site, it’s imperative that you monitor its success, and SEO isn’t any exception to this rule.

If you opt for an ongoing strategy like SEO, you’ll need to keep your eye on it at all times to guarantee that it’s functioning properly.